Tory Taylor

Tory Taylor was shunned at Wrigley for putting ketchup on a hot dog

The Bears' rookie punter, Tory Taylor, won't be bullied into changing up his condiments

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The Bears' new punter once committed a cardinal sin at Wrigley Field by putting ketchup on his hot dog.

Surely, this factoid was not in the scouting report.

Tory Taylor recently joined the Adam Rank on "The Sick Podcast" and revealed his excitement about moving to Chicago. Turns out the fourth-round punter could use a brush-up on the rules of the Windy City.

As an Iowa alum, Taylor has multiple ties to the city of Chicago and attended his first Cubs game with a friend in 2022 at home against the Dodgers

"I've never been to Wrigley Field and had a hot dog, and I had one and I was like, 'Oh these are good,'" he recalled. "So I'm gonna go back and get another one. I had four hot dogs with ketchup on them. And the looks I was getting, I'm like, 'Why are they staring at me like I'm the president walking around or an idiot or something like that.' And then my mate was like, 'Oh yeah, you don't put ketchup on hot dogs.' I was like 'Yes, you do.' He was like 'No, it's not a thing.'

"I was like, 'Well, there's something wrong with people here.'"

Rank then brought up an excellent point — as long as Taylor puts the ball inside the five-yard line, he can put whatever the hell he wants on his hot dogs.

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