ESPN believes Fields has the upper hand over Lance


Justin Fields turned heads during Sunday's regular season opener versus a draft class opponent, Trey Lance. 

Fields led the Bears offense with 148 total yards and two touchdowns to secure an upset win over the 49ers. Lance, on the other hand, came out of the game completing under 50 percent of his passes for 164 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception. 

The media seems to believe Sunday's game is an indication the 49ers incorrectly selected Lance with the No. 3 overall pick instead of Fields, who dropped to the Bears at No. 11. 

"Looking at the two guys, it looked like the Bears got the right guy, and you [49ers] might have got that wrong one," Rex Ryan said on "Get Up!" on ESPN. 

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Lance came out of North Dakota State with a lot of upside in his big arm and athletic ability. Fields, on the other hand, got in a lot of reps with Ohio State in the Big Ten. He showed off his similar arm strength and ability to manipulate the pocket too. 

On Sunday, Fields proved to be the better quarterback.

He made indelible plays, escaping the pocket, throwing downfield and running the ball when he needed to. Fields' touchdown across the field to Dante Pettis was indicative of his knowledge and ability on the field. 

"If you're watching that game, are you thinking, should we have taken the other guy?" Mike Greenberg said on the show. 

Lance was taken early in the draft with less snaps and raw, unproven ability from college. Yet, Fields doesn't take any of this to heart. He is confident in who he is and where he got drafted. 

Fields said before Sunday's game he is "glad they passed on him." He doesn't take the decision the 49ers made to take Lance personal and he's happy to be in Chicago. 

"What you saw yesterday was one quarterback [Fields] be extremely confident in who he is under worse circumstances than the other guy [Lance] who wasn't confident," ex-NFL safety and ESPN analyst Ryan Clark said. 

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