Fields' mesmerizing runs continue to leave OC Getsy in awe


LAKE FOREST, Ill. – Almost every Sunday, Bears quarterback Justin Fields does something that mesmerizes the masses watching.

His latest “holy s—t” moment took place Sunday in the Bears’ 25-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Facing a second-and-27, Fields dropped back and immediately felt pressure from Eagles defensive end Haason Reddick on the right side. Fields stepped up and then shook off Reddick before taking off. The second-year quarterback shook linebacker T.J. Edwards and then weaved his way down to the Eagles’ 9-yard line.

Add that 39-yard run to the list of Fields’ jaw-dropping plays this season, one that includes the 67-yard touchdown run vs. the Detroit Lions and a 61-yard scoring run against the Miami Dolphins.

As Fields’ offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy has a special appreciation for how Fields can make something out of nothing several times a game.

The 39-yard run against one of the NFL’s best defenses is no different.

“What’s special with him is that when we can get other people in space, he does a good job of finding them,” Getsy said of Fields on Wednesday. “And then when we get him in space, he does incredible things. My eyes were watching the play, where he should be throwing the ball. And then, next thing I know, I look back, and now it’s in this mode. And then, how he finished that run, it was pretty incredible.

“And then, I had to get on the horn because he was celebrating. I’m like, ‘Bro! Bro! They called you out! They called you out! Get back there! Hurry up, let’s go!’ Fortunately, they gave us a bump on the clock there so we were able to get settled in and then get in the end zone on the next play.”

Getsy is running out of ways to describe the feats of his young quarterback. But he knows having a magician like Fields behind center is a luxury that not every offensive coordinator is afforded.

“He’s made some incredible plays, and I think I’ve gone to Flus every single time and I’m like, ‘That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen,’” Getsy said. “To be able to say that multiple times is pretty cool.”

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On Sunday, Fields became just the third quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in a season, joining Lamar Jackson and Michael Vick.

Fields needs just 207 yards over his final three games to break Jackson’s single-season rushing record for a quarterback of 1,206 yards. Jackson accomplished the feat in 15 games in 2019.

After the loss to the Eagles, Fields said he’d like to break Jackson’s record but doesn’t plan to make a habit of rushing for 1,000 yards every season. The 23-year-old will need to rush for 69 yards per game in the Bears’ final three contests to eclipse Jackson.

But don’t expect Fields’ desire to etch his name into NFL history to influence how Getsy calls the offense to end the season.

“It is not and probably won’t be,” Getsy said when asked if Fields’ pursuit of history will impact his play-calling. “But I’m sure there’s times in games when you hit moments that it crosses your mind. I was watching the Golden State Warriors the other night and [Kevon Looney], he was like one assist from a triple-double, he’s never had one before. And I saw all those guys running to coach Kerr like, ‘C’mon dude he just needs [one assist for] a triple-double’ and they took him out of the game. We won’t take him out of the game.”

But Fields’ ability to run the ball is part of the Bears’ formula for success. So if the offense is humming over the final three games, there is a good chance Fields’ legs are doing their part, and he’s inching closer to history in the process.

“We won’t sacrifice winning the game and usually him being a part of that is part of what we do anyway. So I don’t think that’s going to be something we’re going to have to think about.”

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