Here's the rest of the Bears' 2023 schedule


The Chicago Bears and the NFL have five weeks left in the regular season before 14 teams take their talents to the playoffs, and the rest start their offseason work. 

The Bears will surely be a part of the latter. 

Nevertheless, there's still Bears football to be watched with four games left to be played. 

Here's the Bears' schedule for the rest of the season:

Week 14: BYE WEEK
Week 15: vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Week 16: vs. Buffalo Bills
Week 17: @ Detroit Lions
Week 18: vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Bears have the latest possible bye this year coming in Week 14. Along with the Bears, the Falcons, Packers, Colts, Saints and Commanders are all on bye this week.

After the break, they'll have a tough remaining slate. The combined record of the remaining teams the Bears play is 35-13, with half of the losses coming from one team (the Lions). That record equates to a 73 percent win percentage through 13 weeks.

What's more, if the Bears continue their losing ways (three wins this season, lost the last six games) their draft position will shape up nicely in the 2023 NFL draft. As of this writing, the Bears have the No. 2 overall pick in the draft. If they lose out the rest of the season, the worst pick they will land is the No. 3 overall selection. 

However, right now, the Bears have played more games than 80 percent of teams because of their bye week. That being said, they have a higher draft slot because their winning percentage is skewed toward them having more opportunities to lose. There are two other three-win teams in the league (Broncos, Rams), but they have one less loss than the Bears because they've played through their bye weeks. 

To capture the second pick, the Bears need the Broncos and Rams to win at least one more game each, while they lose out the rest of the season. Luckily, the Broncos play the Rams during Week 16, so one team will be forced to tally another win. If either of them ties the Bears' record, they will supersede the higher pick because the Bears have a tougher strength of schedule. 

The Bears' draft position is TBD, but the likelihood of their finish for the 2023 season seems predetermined. 

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