How Colts defense ranked under Eberflus


Former Cowboys and Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus will officially step up to lead his first NFL team as the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

New Bears general manager Ryan Poole made his first major decision by deciding to hire Eberflus to run the team. Despite this being his first time head coaching, Poole seems to be confident he will get the job done. After all, Eberflus has extensive experience at both the college and pro-level. 

Eberflus has coached NFL defenses since 2009 and has 30 years of coaching experience in the game - nine years with his college alma mater Toledo, eight years at Missouri, two with the Cleveland Browns, seven with the Dallas Cowboys and five with the Indianapolis Colts.

The former college quarterback began his coaching career as a student assistant in Toledo in 1992. He advanced to become an outside linebackers coach in 1996 and defensive backs coach in 1999. He served as Missouri’s defensive coordinator for nine seasons and became the Browns’ linebackers coach in 2009, which marked his NFL coaching debut. He served as the Cowboys’ linebackers coach for four years, starting in 2011, and then was promoted to defensive coordinator in 2016. Finally, in 2017, Eberflus left the Cowboys to take on the same position with the Colts.

Eberflus led Indianapolis’ defense to rank 10th and 11th in scoring defense and total defense during their 2018 season, after starting at 30th in both categories in 2017. 

He has produced two top-10 units in total defenses, six top-10 units in rushing defenses, four top-10 units in scoring defenses and four top-10 units in turnovers created.

Here is a look at the Colts’ defensive rankings under Quinn over the past four NFL seasons:

2018 rank

  • Total defense: 11th (339.4 ypg)
  • Passing defense: 16th (237.8 ypg)
  • Rushing defense: 8th (101.6 ypg)
  • Scoring Defense: 10th (21.5 ppg)
  • Turnovers: T-10th (26)

2019 rank

  • Total defense: 16th (346.8 ypg)
  • Passing defense: 21st (248.9 ypg)
  • Rushing defense: 7th (97.9 ypg) 
  • Scoring Defense: 18th (23.3 ppg)
  • Turnovers: T-10th (23)

2020 rank

  • Total defense : 8th (332.1 ypg)
  • Passing defense: 20th (241.6 ypg)
  • Rushing defense: 2nd (90.5 ypg)
  • Scoring Defense: 10th (22.6 ppg)
  • Turnovers: T-5th (25)

2021 rank

  • Total defense: 16th (343.2 ypg)
  • Passing defense: 19th (234.1 ypg)
  • Rushing defense: 10th (109.1 ypg)
  • Scoring Defense: 9th (21.5 ppg)
  • Turnovers: 2nd (33)

There is no doubt that Eberflus took the Colts to considerable heights during his five seasons as defensive coordinator, particularly in regard to stopping the run and forcing. 

What will he bring to the table for the Bears? Now he isn’t just dealing with the defensive side of things, but an entire team.

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