Live Blog: Bears head to Arizona for Week 3 matchup


Welcome back, gang. It feels like it was only 5 days ago that we were here On The Web, blogging together.

Today we've got the Bears (1-1) headed to Arizona to play the Cardinals (0-2). It's a prime chance for Chicago to get above .500 for the first time since 2014 (!!). 

As always, J.J. Stankevitz and John Mullin will be your eyes and ears from Arizona; give 'em a follow. Lorin Cox's tweets are also worth your time. 

Fourth Quarter

620 PM - Big 3rd and 2 stop for Bilal Nichols! Cardinals go for it on 4th and 5 and Bryce Callahan gets the INT! Bears defense is OUT HERE COOKIN

615 PM - Did Khalil Mack just end Sam Bradford's career? Josh Rosen's in for the Cardinals now

610 PM - FIELD GOAL IS GOOD. Parkey splits it down the middle and the Bears lead! BEARS 16 CARDINALS 14. 

600 PM- it's stupid how good Khalil Mack is:

547 PM - not great bob: 

Third Quarter

535 PM - WHO NEEDS DEPTH WHEN *Sherrick McManis* is out here makin' plays. McManis gets a INT, Bears are in action again. Football is fun! 

535 PM - All of a sudden the Bears' secondary looks REAL thin:

530 PM - TOUCHDOWN BEARS. Jordan Howard punches it in after a nice Tarik Cohen run and the Bears are back in it! CARDINALS 14, BEARS 10. 

510 PM - 3 and out for the Bears on their first drive out of the break and let's just smash that panic button now and get it over with

Second Quarter

450PM - The Bears D gets a stop and Trubisky ... throws an interception. Wasn't his fault, but still. 

440 PM - Bears put together a nice drive, but opt to kick a 20 yard field goal on 4th and goal from the 2. CARDINALS 14, BEARS 3

420 PM - Give the Bears credit - after two weeks of pretty conservative play calling, they're taking their shots downfield this game. WE'RE TRYING HERE OK

406 PM - We're in the Sad Office Gif portion of the game already:

First Quarter

355 PM - Trubisky fumbles the ball while scrambling on 3rd down and the Cardinals recover. They score literally the next play. CARDINALS 14, BEARS 0. 

345 PM - Welllllll. Bears march down the field, get stopped on 3rd down after coverage breaks down, and Cody Parkey pushes it right. Bears have had better starts.

330 PM - Wellllllllllll. Cardinals score in 3 minutes and it's Cardinals 7, Bears 0. Terrific start! 


Inactives are here! 

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