Rodgers reminisces on playing Bears at Soldier Field


Aaron Rodgers is well acquainted with the city of Chicago. 

Not only did he claim to have grown up watching Chicago sports on WGN when he was a kid, but he's now played 30 games against the Chicago Bears – 15 of them in the windy city. 

This past Sunday, he played his final Bears matchup of the season. Whether or not he returns next season to Green Bay to play against the Bears in Chicago once more remains to be seen.

After the game, he reminisced about playing in one of the greatest football rivalries in history. 

"You never know when it's gonna be your last time playing at a place," Rodgers said after he helped defeat the Bears, 28-19. "I've had a lot of great moments in this place. As much as the fans don't really like me, I do have respect for the city of Chicago and their great sports fans here and its stadium. It's been a lot of fun over the years to go to battle, you know, win or lose."

Rodgers has a 25-5 career record against the Bears. The last time the Bears beat him was back in 2018. And the last time Rodgers fell to the Bears at Lambeau Field was back in 2015.

He has an active eight-game winning streak against the Bears, which marks the longest of his career against Chicago. 

On Sunday, Rodgers threw for 182 yards and one touchdown against the Bears to help lead the Packers to their 787th franchise win, surpassing the Bears for the most team wins in the history of the NFL. 

To that, he saluted the fans after the Packers scored their final touchdown on a Christian Watson end-around.

There's something special to him about playing in Chicago. It's likely because he has perennial success against a crowd that despises him the most in the NFL. What's more, he's enjoyed the moments Soldier Field has brought him, even if they are a little wacky. 

"There's some really cool like Chicago moments," Rodgers said. "Colbie Callait did a national anthem back in 2010 with like a guy on ukulele. Night game, the energy. The guy that baritones that sings that opera voice (Editor's note: Jim Cornelison). The little in-between timeout stuff they do here. I'm not crazy about that song that gets a little old."

Of all the times he's spent playing in Chicago, I'm puzzled by his mentioning of two national anthem singers and timeout gimmicks.

Let's not forget, he won his only career NFC championship in Chicago. 

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Nevertheless, Rodgers proclaims he has a connection with Chicago – even if it's a love/hate relationship, and a one-way street for the quarterback. 

"There's a lot of cool things about this sports town and this city and this stadium. I've enjoyed playing here," Rodgers said.

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