WATCH: Mitch Trubisky runs nifty shovel option for first passing TD of 2018


Matt Nagy's bag of tricks seems to be never ending. When the Bears are in their scripted offensive plays to start games, he keeps throwing out exotic looks and creative play calls to get the offense going.

When Chicago got into the redzone on the first drive against the Seattle Seahawks, Nagy pulled out another fun play to set up Mitchell Trubisky for the easy touchdown throw.

Trubisky and Tarik Cohen ran what is called an "inverted veer" option, where the guard on the backside of the play pulls out in front for the quarterback, while Trubisky reads an unblocked defender to determine whether or not he should keep the ball or hand it off to Cohen.

But on this play, Trey Burton also pulled from the backside of the formation, behind Kyle Long, and Trubisky kept it for a quick shovel pass to the tight end, who ran into the endzone almost untouched.

It was essentially a run-pass option, and the defense assumed Burton was pulling as a blocker. Instead, he was the receiver, and it was the easiest six points Trubisky will score all season.

Well played, Matt Nagy.

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