What are the biggest comebacks in NFL history?


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Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings completed the largest comeback in NFL history Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts -- led by head coach Jeff Saturday.

The Colts stormed out to a 33-0 lead at halftime in the Vikings' home stadium, only to see it all go away by the end of regulation. A 64-yard screen touchdown by Dalvin Cook got Minnesota the points it needed to force overtime, which came down to the final seconds.

Vikings kicker Greg Joseph then nailed the game-winning 40-yard field goal as time expired in overtime to seal the deal, and the NFC North title to go with it.

Here's a look at the biggest comebacks in NFL history, with the Vikings now atop the list:

What are the biggest comebacks in NFL history?

The 33-point comeback by Minnesota just edged the previous record of 32 points, which occurred in the 1993 playoffs. Here are the eight biggest in league history, regular season and playoffs:

1. 33 points: Minnesota Vikings beat Indianapolis Colts 39-36 (OT), Week 15 of 2022 regular season

2. 32 points: Buffalo Bills beat Houston Oilers 41-38 (OT), 1993 AFC Wild Card game

T-3. 28 points: San Francisco 49ers beat New Orleans Saints 38-35 (OT), Week 14 of 1980 regular season

T-3. 28 points: Indianapolis Colts beat Kansas City Chiefs 45-44, 2014 AFC Wild Card game

5. 26 points: Buffalo Bills beat Indianapolis Colts 37-35, Week 4 of 1997 regular season

6. 25 points: St. Louis Cardinals beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-28, Week 15 of 1987 regular season

7. 25 points: Cleveland Browns beat Tennessee Titans 29-28, Week 5 of 2014 regular season

8. 25 points: New England Patriots beat Atlanta Falcons 34-28 (OT), Super Bowl LI

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