Zach Miller reacts to Titans' installment of turf


Zach Miller, former Chicago Bears tight end from 2015-17, advocated against the Tennessee Titans' installment of synthetic turf on their new stadium, commenting his dismay on a social media post reporting the news. 

"Every game ON GRASS," Miller commented.

This season, there has been a surge of protest against the usage of synthetic turf on playing fields, as many players claim is more painful to fall on than normal grass. 

Grass, however, requires more maintenance and more effort to maintain, as opposed to turf. 

Currently, 16 stadiums have real grass as their playing surface. The other 14 stadiums, on which 16 NFL teams play, roll out the synthetic turf. 

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Miller followed up his sentiments with a reply to a mention he received on the post, fully explaining his side of the argument.

"Hey, joshypete thanks, man. It was a good run. Yes, I have read most of the studies. NFL says one thing, PA (NFL Players Association) says a different thing… Owners will do what they want. I mean they own the d--n team so I get it. But some studies claim up to (a) 28% increase in injuries with certain types of turf fields. Which I believe the NFL has like 8 of those specific fields installed. I'm not much for the data itself, we play a physical game and injuries are going to happen regardless of (the) playing surface. Can’t speak for everyone but most players would rather play on natural grass. Feels better on your body, doesn’t hold heat like turf, do(es) not have little particles of rubber in your eyes, ears and a-- crack haha. Plus have you ever smelled natural grass on game day!?"

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