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NFL suspends videographer involved in the Tyreek Hill backflip video

The league confirmed they have pulled his gameday credentials for the remainder of the season.

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The videographer involved in the viral Tyreek Hill backflip celebration has been suspended, the NFL confirmed.

Hill celebrated in the end zone after scoring a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers back in October 15 by grabbing Kevin Fitzgibbons' phone and recording himself performing a backflip.

Hill was flagged for using a prop and the Dolphins' were penalized 15-yards on the extra-point.

Shortly after, the video was posted in the official NFL UK social media account before being promptly deleted.

The videographer, Kevin Fitzgibbons also known as KFitz, posted a video on X explaining the situation, that he was directly employed by the NFL and that he had been suspended.

In a statement sent to NBC6, the NFL confirmed the suspension.

"We can confirm that the league pulled his gameday credentials for the remainder of this season. He could work for the league on other projects this year and beyond," said Tim Schlittner, the Communications Director for the NFL.

Hill also had a cheeky dig at the suspension.

Despite the suspension, the NFL did not fine Hill for his stunt, even though, other players have been fined for using props, like Chad Ochocinco several times throughout his career and Joe Horn's cellphone celebration back in 2003.

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