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Tommy Hawk voted 2023 NHL Mascot of the Year


At least one member of the Chicago Blackhawks is bringing hardware home to the United Center this season.

The team's mascot, Tommy Hawk, has been voted the 2023 NHL Mascot of the Year, which he proudly announced on social media Wednesday.

The honor is well-earned. Keeping fans at the United Center entertained last season was no easy act. While the team on the ice was No. 30 in the league, the beloved bird managed to secure the No. 1 seed in all of our hearts.

While a bird of many talents, fan safety is always his first priority.

Popularity has never been an issue for Tommy Hawk. No wonder his peers voted him as their favorite friend. He'd be there for any of his fellow mascots at the drop of a puck.

The only thing he loves more than hockey is 'Merica.

It doesn't matter where you come from, Tommy Hawk will welcome you into his home with open arms.

We tried to get footage of his signature "Let's go Hawks" rally chant, but all we could find was "Detroit Sucks." Oh well.

Though typically a fan of more sophisticated forms of literature, Tommy Hawk is a self-proclaimed cinephile.

He respects Harry Styles, which is less of a statement than it is a glowing tribute to his character.

Lastly, he's wonderful with kids.

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