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WATCH: Corey Perry and Nick Foligno fought each other before joining Blackhawks

The two newest Blackhawks additions once fought in 2021

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During the 2021 NHL postseason, Corey Perry accidentally hit John Tavares' head after he fell from a hit on the ice.

The kick from Perry's skates caused Tavares to be supported off the ice on a stretcher. On the ensuing faceoff, Perry and Nick Foligno -- both of whom are now signed to the Blackhawks, as of this offseason -- agreed to fight for Tavares' injury.

Their mutual agreeance to fight shows their respect for the game. Even if Perry hit Tavares on accident, someone had to take fault for the hit.

Each of Perry and Foligno's veteran leadership will hopefully assist the Blackhawks in developing their young squad. This is a testament to what they bring to Chicago.

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