Connor Bedard

What type of stick does Connor Bedard use?

Everything you need to know about the Blackhawks superstar's weapon of choice

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A generational talent dubbed "the future of hockey" at age 13, it stood to reason that Connor Bedard would have every major hockey equipment brand foaming at the mouth upon entering the league.

Bedard used Bauer almost exclusively throughout his junior hockey career with the Regina Pats and in the 2023 World Junior Championships with Team Canada.

In August 2023, Sherwood Hockey announced an exclusive partnership with the rookie phenom, who was drafted No. 1 overall by the Chicago Blackhawks six weeks prior.

Bedard is using the Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro hockey stick this NHL season. According Sherwood Hockey's website, this stick gives the player "better control for dangling past opponents" and features a VR92 blade with I-92 dampening inlay that "strengthens the blade and improves the feel for both tape-to-tape passes and shooting bar down." In an August press release, Sherwood Hockey stated that "the Rekker Legend stick's ergonomic tapered shaft shape and low kick-point is tailormade for players like Bedard who possess quick, deceptive hands and a lightning-fast release."

As for details, Bedard uses a PP92 blade curve and a 71-72 flex stick.

"I like it pretty whippy," he told ESPN the night he was drafted.

The PP92 has an open face with a mid-toe curve that helps cradle the puck, which is good for stick-handling through traffic. It's great for wrist shots — Bedard's most lethal weapon — and elevating the puck.

"I'm really excited to be joining the Sherwood team," Bedard said in a statement. "Since I started working with Sherwood to develop hockey equipment that I felt could improve my game, I have been really impressed with their approach, expertise and dedication to building the best gear. They are doing a lot of cool things around the sport I love and I'm proud to be a part of it."

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