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C.J. Stroud throws shade at the Bears, vouches for the team to keep Justin Fields

Stroud said the Bears should hang onto Justin Fields "if they're smart"

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C.J. Stroud didn't hold back when asked what the Bears should do with the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL draft. In fact, he threw some shade at them for considering trading his former Ohio State teammate, Justin Fields.

"Caleb Williams? I don't know. Who has the first pick?" Stroud asked.

"The Bears. You think they're gonna keep Justin [Fields]?" USA Today asked.

"They should if they're smart. But ... you know," Stroud quipped.

"It's the Bears," USA Today said.

"You said it, not me," Stroud said.

Remember, the Bears passed on Stroud in the 2023 NFL draft. With the No. 1 pick, the Bears traded it to the Panthers for a haul of future picks and DJ Moore.

The Texans selected Stroud with the No. 2 pick after the Panthers --- with the Bears' pick in hand --- took Bryce Young. Stroud had a heckuva rookie season, earning Offensive Rookie of the Year honors by a landslide. He earned Pro Bowl honors in the AFC, too.

Of course, too, Stroud succeeded Fields at Ohio State, where they both went to school to play college football. They were teammates for one season in 2020. Then, Stroud played the understudy role for Fields, who threw for 2,100 yards and 22 touchdowns in eight games that season.

As Stroud alluded to, the Bears have a tortured history of quarterbacks. They've never gotten the position right in their 100+ year history, underlining the importance of this 2024 NFL draft. Williams, contrary to Stroud's belief, might be too talented to pass on with the No. 1 pick.

What will the Bears do this offseason? Stay tuned.

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