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Raiders HC Antonio Pierce praises Luke Getsy in opening press conference

Pierce tipped his cap to Getsy's scheme and the Bears' win over the Raiders in 2023

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The Las Vegas Raiders are ecstatic about hiring former Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy.

Newly named head coach Antonio Pierce praised Getsy in his opening press conference, referring back to the Bears' win over the Raiders during the 2023 regular season.

"He whooped our a-- when we played them (the Bears)," Pierce said of Getsy. "Who was their QB? I don’t know. Who was their RB? I don’t know. But they still beat us pretty good."

Don't freak out just yet. Remember, undrafted quarterback Tyson Bagent made his first career NFL start against the Raiders in that game. Justin Fields didn't play a single snap, due to his injured thumb at the time.

Pierce wasn't making a slight towards Fields by saying he didn't know who the quarterback was. Bagent made his first NFL start that day, making scouting the Bears' offense a little more difficult for the Raiders. Pierce was commending Getsy for helping the Bears' offense post 30 points against the Raiders without Fields or a viable running back, in his eyes.

If you're curious, Bagent performed well in that game. He completed 72% of his passes for 162 yards and one passing touchdown. He took just one sack against the Raiders, too.

Getsy was linked to the Raiders OC job last month, along with other strong candidates like Kliff Kingsbury and Shane Waldron. Of course, Waldron ended up taking over for Getsy as the new Bears offensive coordinator. It seemed Kingsbury was set to take the Raiders job, but a report on Saturday morning said Kingsbury withdrew his name from consideration in Vegas to pursue an opportunity to lead the Commanders offense under new head coach Dan Quinn.

It was a tale of two offenses for Getsy in Chicago. His rushing attack was tops in the league in 2022 and was second-best in 2023. But the passing game and quarterback Justin Fields never developed into a consistently effective counterpart to the run game. The Bears were dead last in passing yards in 2022 and tied for fifth-fewest passing yards in 2023.

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