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Here's the number of miles the Bears will travel during the 2024-25 regular season

The Bears, being centrally located, are in the middle of the pack for distance to be traveled this season

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The Bears will have their full, official regular season schedule in place by Wednesday evening. But two pieces we already know officially about their schedule are their opponents and where they will play each game.

Knowing those two items, Bill Speros calculated how far each NFL team will travel for their regular season schedule. From stadium to stadium, he estimates the Bears will travel 19,558 miles, good for the 15th most expected distance traveled in the league next season.

It's a bit of a loaded exercise, knowing the teams on both the east and west coasts will have to travel further to compete against cross-country adversaries. With the Bears being centrally located, it's no surprise they aren't competing with the top travelers across the league.

The Bears don't play too many away games far from home. Not including their divisional rivals, they play the Colts in Indianapolis, the Texans in Houston and the Commanders in Washington.

Things get dicey when they fly to London to face the Jaguars at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. That trip flirts with 4,000 miles one way. The Bears also travel to San Francisco, which is more than 2,000 miles away one way, and to Arizona, which is around 1,800 miles one way.

The Chargers own the traveling crown with a whopping 26,803 expected miles traveled this upcoming season.

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